Year Round Beers


No Hitter

everyday Ale

No Hitter is anything but a swing and a miss. This light, crisp and refreshing brew allows you to throw back a handful of pints without stumbling out the door. There’s no better way to beat the Texas heat than with this low ABV session ale. Lightly hopped with a simple malt backbone, No Hitter delivers time and time again. Long cold conditioning periods bring forth this well balanced, yet flavorful beer.

ABV  4.0%        IBU  17     SRM:   3        OG:   11P

available on draft & cans



Pre-Prohibition Porter

Don’t let the color of Trackdown fool you, it’s not that filling, but still packed full of flavor. Chocolate malts lead the way with hints of caramel, honey and coffee shining through in layers.  Our Pre-Prohibition Porter is smoother and less hoppy than an American porter,  but not as sweet as an English Porter. This combination makes Trackdown a beerthat can be enjoyed all year long… Something we can get on board with.

ABV  5.4%        IBU  25     SRM:   30      OG:   15P

available on draft & CANS


Idle Mind


Our brewer feels like the traditional pale ale style has taken a backseat to the ever popular IPA. Idle Hands is his attempt to bring it back. This brew delivers an earthy, piney, and resinous flavor that is in perfect harmony with the balanced sweetness of the malts. Whole leaf hops added to the hopback allow for the aroma to shine through without increasing overall bitterness. Enjoy a pint of this truly well crafted ale.

ABV  5.3%        IBU  45      SRM:   6        OG:   14P

available on draft & cans



India pale ale

An IPA so damn good we named it after our brewery. This West Coast style IPA is packed full of Columbus, Citra and Amarillo hops.  Small amounts of Vienna and Crystal malts compliment the base grain and balance out the overall bitterness of Idle Vine IPA. Whole leaf and pellet hops are added very late in the boil giving this beer an intense floral and citrusy aroma.  After a  second dry-hopping of Columbus, Citra and Amarillo hops,  the result is an IPA that is slightly hazy with a bigger, juicier hop aroma that just can’t be beat.

ABV  7.3%        IBU  69     SRM:   11      OG:   17P

available on draft & cans