Seasonal Beers



Pusherman's PILS



Now this is the kind of Pusherman you want hanging around the neighborhood. Better yet bring him along on the river, trail, camping, anywhere because this light, crisp pilsner is perfect for those hot Texas summer days. Head brewer Scott is almost as passionate about shot-gunning as he is about brewing so he wanted to make something perfect for just that. An extensive cold lagering period allows this beer to develop a slightly malty flavor with pleasant earthy and floral aroma. All that's left to do is come get yourself some...We're holdin'.

ABV  5.6%     IBU: 50   SRM:   3.5  OG:   14P



Humping Pilgrim



The weather may be starting to cool but Humping Pilgrim is here to help you welcome the fall season with open arms. This is our twist on traditional Irish Red style ale. A slightly higher ABV lay the groundwork for a generous dosing of nugget and comet hops to impart an earthy and herbal goodness up front. A slight hint of citrus balances the finishing sweetness of the rich malts used to obtain the deep ruby red color of the ale. He was just an innocent little pilgrim until he started throwing back a few of these brews. Loosen up for the holiday season by doing the same.

ABV  8%        IBU  70  SRM:   19  OG:   14P



Santa's Secret Stash


  • Imperial Oatmeal Stout w/ Cacao Nibs

Step aside milk, Santas got a new drink to wash down all those cookies. Our oatmeal stout is brewed to be exceptionally smooth all while packing enough punch to warm your bones during these chillier months. A blend of both english and american malts set the stage for notes of coffee and caramel, then just like a bow on a gift, it's tied together with the richness of locally sourced cacao nibs and the silkiness imparted by golden naked oats. Don't fight crowds on Black Friday, instead, enjoy a pint of Santa's Secret Stash from the comfort of the pub and get all that shopping done online.

ABV  7.5%        IBU  65  SRM:   74  OG:   14P



Hefe Me?



Sometimes it's best to not fix what ain't broken and that was exactly our brewers approach to our Spring Seasonal. Hefe Me? is a beautiful example of a traditional German Hefeweizen. A traditional decocation mash is used in the brewing process to help add depth and flavor to the light body of the brew. However, the art is in the yeast. A delicate malt bill and very modest hopping schedule let this classic yeast strain step up to the plate and produce pleasant notes of bannana, clove, and peppercorns.

ABV  5.0%        IBU  12  SRM:   3  OG:   14P