The amazing adventures of:

The wanderer


A vertical series is an exciting way to showcase different ingredients in a single beer. This Cascadian Dark Ale will be the base for 11 other variants. The same malt and hop bills will build the beer that will be aged differently each month. Look forward to some fruit additions, barrel aging, chocolate additions, etc. Each monthly bottle label will showcase small snippets of a local artist’s short comic based around a dark, mysterious character trying to find out who he is: The Wanderer. The artwork for 2017 is done by Clark Dallas. All twelve bottles aligned will reveal the entire story. 

Our brewer wanted to design a beer that complimented the black and white artwork as well as the grim storyline. After a ton of thought and recipe development, The Wanderer was born. This monstrous Cascadian Dark Ale is brewed to drink with a slight roast and a hint of alcohol all while pouring like motor oil. Three traditional west coast hops are added generously throughout the boil and during conditioning. Prominent bitterness and intense floral, pine, and citrus flavors and aromas balance the colossal body and malt tones. Put shortly, this is just one mutha of a brew weighing in at 10% abv. and 99.9 IBU’s. The 15 hop additions and the IBU’s they separately impart lend a hint to a major motif in the story. You do the math.

Volume 1 | Issue 1

Janaury 2017

Cascadian Dark ale

Volume 1 | Issue 2

February 2017


Brewed & aged w/ Sumo, Cara Cara & blood oranges.


Volume 1 | Issue 3

March 2017


Brewed with Madagascar Vanilla Beans

volume 1 | issue 4

april 2017


Brewed with fresh Raspberries


volume 1 | issue 5

may 2017


Brewed with Chocolate


volume 1, issue 7

july 2017

Wanderer 7.jpg


Brewed with Red Horn Coffee

volume 1 | issue 6

june 2017


Brewed with Toasted Coconut


volume 1, issue 8

August 2017



Fermented with Belgian Yeast